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Picking an Investment Fund Based on Performance Comparisons

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to pick out an investment fund. Here are some of my scattered thoughts.

Narrow down which funds track which index, and compare the performance. If it seemed like the fund regularly beat index performance, it tells me that the fund manager is tracking the index closely and is aware of market activities. However, just because a fund does not beat an index does not mean the fund is bad. It may mean that the manager took a risk that did not pan out. An example of a good fund that doesn’t match the comparative performance I would want is Vanguard Mid-Cap Growth Index Investor (VMGIX). As of right now, it has grown in the last 1, 3, 5 years at 15%, 9% and 11%. Sounds great! But when you compare it to the Nasdaq at 1, 3, and 5 it gets 22%, 15%, and 17%. Fidelity Nasdaq Composite Index Fund (FNCMX) gets 21%, 15%, 17% so close! Here’s a Virtus KAR Small-Cap Growth Fund Class A (PSGAX) where it gets 37%, 25%, 19%. There’s more out there but it takes time to find them.

Serial Podcast is back!

I’m super excited that Serial has returned for a second season. This time around, it’s a recent mystery about Bowe Bergdahl, a soldier who allegedly deserted his post and walked into enemy territory. Originally celebrated a hero, he became a villain as accounts of his desertion flooded the news.  A few questions come to mind. Will Sarah Koenig have a crush on Bowe? Is Mail Kimp going to support this one? It’s time to start the first episode.

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Oahu Tips

I wanted to help a friend out with her trip to Oahu, so I decided to start compiling a list of a few favorite places.



Come here for the fresh Udon

Island Vintage Coffee

Some of the best Acai Bowls I’ve ever had.


Macky’s Sweet Shrimp Truck

Leonard’s Bakery

Nico’s Pier 38

Nisshodo Candy Store

1095 Dillingham Blvd Bldg I-5
Honolulu, HI 96817

Get the Chichi Dango!  This place might look like a warehouse, but it’s legit.

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

NBA Finals 2015 Champions Golden State Warriors!


Congratulations to the Warriors for their amazing win over the Cleveland Cavaliers!  I haven’t been this excited about basketball since I was maybe 10 years old.  I can’t call myself a true Warriors fan, but I’m definitely a Bay Area sports supporter.

The Warriors definitely played as a team.  Beautiful passing, excellent defense, and exciting shooting really made this an amazing game.  There wasn’t a moment where I felt like Curry was hogging the ball or “Iggy” was carrying the team.

In contrast, the Cavs looked messy.  The first three games were exciting because they looked alive.  But, the Warriors have “Strength in Numbers” and it really showed.  It was interesting seeing a difference between game 3 and game 4 where Dellavadova was harassing Curry all day to looking way too tired to really do much of anything.  Lebron definitely tried to carry the team on his back, but he was looking pretty tired near the end, too.  I wonder what it would have been like if Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving were there to play.

To be honest, I was hoping for a game 7 to continue the excitement but I am really happy with the win on game 6.  I kept rooting for the Cavs to close the gap and bring the game closer.  Don’t hate me, I just like watching a good game.  I even kept texting #DubsOn7 to different people.  It was a hashtag I saw ABC7 display on the first 2 games, which I think they took down. =(

Anyways, again, congratulations Warriors! Thanks for bringing more Trophies to the Bay!  And thank you fellow fans for not bringing the violence to our city!


The Coldest Winter I Ever Spent Was a Summer in San Francisco

Can anyone tell me who this quote is from?  If you said Mark Twain, I just found out you are wrong.  Snopes

I was planning on writing a post about how freaking cold it is in San Francisco right now.  It’s August and I feel like it’s almost Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, there were quite a few hot weekends in May and June.  One July hit, it just started getting more and more chilly.  I’m afraid to even put my feet in my bed these days, because I’m not using my jersey sheets.  Which is a mental reminder for me, change to jersey sheets tonight.

Looking at, I noticed it says that San Francisco is going to be Sunny this weekend.  But it’ll be 61 degrees.  I’d say that’s still a huge win on the side of Summer. YEH!

There was something else that I wanted to talk about. Ah, yes.  Back to the Snopes article.  I noticed that the article talks about something called a treppenwitz or ‘staircase wit’.  A Treppenwitz is a comeback that comes long after the moment has passed.  You may have just been made fun of by one of your peers, but ended up not having a witty comeback, until you walk away and get in your car.  How sad… it happens to me all the time.  But, I usually call that a delayed reaction.  wikipedia

Lone Wolf – Choose Your Own Adventure Game Books

When I was growing up, my childhood best friend introduced me to a series of books called Lone Wolf. We were a couple of really geeky boys who loved to read, play video games, play MUD, play DnD, etc. It wouldn’t be long until we would find something as awesome as this Choose Your Own Adventure book. In Lone Wolf, you are the last of the warrior monks, known as the Kai Lords. Every few pages the reader would be able to make a choice and move you to another page, where there would be enemies, traps, random encounters, or more story.

While I was going through a board game price guide, I noticed a new game coming out called “Lone Wolf RPG: Heroes Of Magnamund”. Just seeing that name forced me to google it just to see if it was the same thing. And you know what? It was!

I started to read more about it on wikipedia which led me to find ProjectAon. ProjectAon started in the late 90s and seems to be keeping up the Lone Wolf culture. The game creator, Joe Dever, even gave them permission to publish the books publicly on the website. So if you get a chance check out this webpage: .

Photography: Shooting Food

I’m a complete Photography noob, but I’ve inherited a Nikon D70 DSLR from dad.  So far, I’ve noticed that 98% of the time, my shots are horrible.  It wasn’t until recently when I started playing around with it more that I started to realize what I can do.  I’ve been wanting to help Samantha out with her blog, but I haven’t been able to take good shots without the pictures  coming out too dark, too blurry, or different shades of blue or red.  So, I’ve been systematically eliminating these problems.

So far, in terms of the images being too dark.  I’ve tried to slow the shutter to capture more visible light.  What that means is that I’m required to stay perfectly still for a very long time, which is near impossible unless I had a tripod.  If I don’t have a tripod, that’ll make all my images extremely blurry.

So, under low light conditions and with no tripod, what can you do?  Recently, I’ve discovered (or finally tried) adjusting the ISO.  What I have learned is that the higher the ISO, the better your shots will be in the dark.  However, you start to see some grain in your photos, which is bad.  So, the assignment here is figuring out the balance between Shutter, Aperture, and ISO.  I’m using a manual 50mm f/1.4, so I’m setting the Aperture to f/1.4, Shutter 50, and ISO I’m still messing around with.

In order to adjust the color, I found that changing the WB (White Balance, Duh!) definitely helped.  There are some settings on the D70 for low light conditions, different light bulbs, etc.

Well, I’m practicing right now in my room, but let’s see if I can make this work later.