Music Mondays – Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift Playlist

While talking to Samantha about what I should start writing about on my blog, I started going through my Drafts and one called “My Favorite John Mayer Songs”.  That post will be written soon, but I wanted to show some love to everyone’s favorite Country-turned-Pop-Singer-Songwriter Taylor Swift.  I wanted to go through her entire catalogue including features, parodies and live covers but I’ll stick to songs credited with her as the main singer.

As I went through all of her albums to write this, I started with a “this is too country” attitude.  As I went from Fearless to Speak Up, I started throwing up my arms and exclaiming “Too many good songs!”  I’m sure a lot of you diehard Swifies are starting to type in the comments about your favorite songs from her 2006 self named album.  Obviously, your country taste is better than mine.

One of the things that I really love about Taylor Swift’s music is the story that her lyrics create.  I’m sitting here, jamming out and dreaming up all the scenarios that must have created songs long ‘Sparks Fly‘ or ‘Speak Now‘.  I’ve gone through my first pass of all the Taylor Swift and I now have a playlist of 29 songs to filter through.  This is hard.  Oh cool she talks about dragons in ‘Long Live‘.

And here it is in no particular order:

Whittling down all of Taylor Swift’s songs to my favorite ten was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  What are your ten favorite Taylor Swift songs?