4 thoughts on “Happy Friday Everyone!”

  1. You have to remember EEE thinks that because other people’s didn’t put the jews existence ahead of their own they didn’t do enough. for him nothing will be good enough until we all bow down to the superier jewish religion.

  2. The funny thing about this "donor's" quote….is that the paper is quoting NO ONE! The reporter didn't bother to get her name? How do we know this woman isn't completely made up by the reporter?So the best that liberals can do against Romney is to quote some phantom woman?

  3. Känner du dig illa behandlad av UFC? Det har ju varit ganska mycket fram och tillbaks om din kommande titelchans? Syftar pÃ¥ att Dana White först säger att du ska fÃ¥ en chans efter Shogun-vinsten men därefter backar ur, och pÃ¥stÃ¥r att inget har lovats…Svenska fans är sura. Men hur känner du?

  4. I notice that in Sebastian Castellio's rendering of the Bible into classical Latin, he uses "poculum" where the Vulgate has "calix". Compare, for instance, his Matthew 26:27 (1) with the Vulgate's (2) -(1) Deinde capto poculo, actisque laudibus, dedit eis, dicens: Bibite ex eo omnes.(2) Et accipiens calicem, gratias egit : et dedit illis, dicens : Bibite ex hoc omnes.

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