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When I was growing up, my childhood best friend introduced me to a series of books called Lone Wolf. We were a couple of really geeky boys who loved to read, play video games, play MUD, play DnD, etc. It wouldn’t be long until we would find something as awesome as this Choose Your Own Adventure book. In Lone Wolf, you are the last of the warrior monks, known as the Kai Lords. Every few pages the reader would be able to make a choice and move you to another page, where there would be enemies, traps, random encounters, or more story.

While I was going through a board game price guide, I noticed a new game coming out called “Lone Wolf RPG: Heroes Of Magnamund”. Just seeing that name forced me to google it just to see if it was the same thing. And you know what? It was!

I started to read more about it on wikipedia which led me to find ProjectAon. ProjectAon started in the late 90s and seems to be keeping up the Lone Wolf culture. The game creator, Joe Dever, even gave them permission to publish the books publicly on the website. So if you get a chance check out this webpage: http://www.projectaon.org .


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  1. Yes, I’ve just been reading the first book, Flight from the Dark, via the Projectaon site. I never actually read the books themselves when I was young. Back in the 1980s it was the Fighting Fantasy series I read instead.

    I’ve never read beyond the first book yet, and have been advised by others that the series quality increases, the further it continues. I suspect the continuing story element is going to give the series a definite advantage as it continues.

    So far, I would rate the first book as quite a reasonable story. Not the best quality gamebook (story-wise) that I have come across, but a solid start.

  2. Hi J P Barnett,

    Thanks for the note. Lone Wolf is more about Nostalgia for me, than anything. Not really sure about the quality as the only other gamebook like this was a multiplayer Dungeons and Dragons book.

    I will see if I can get my hands on some Fighting Fantasy books. I’ve actually never heard of it, however, I’m always open to checking out different books.

    Also, I took a peek at your sight at jumpsterhopper.webs.com and am interested in checking out your Adventure gamebook, Invitation to a Feast.



  3. Hi Kingston,

    I only just discovered, by accident, that you had replied to my entry. I think I assumed incorrectly that I would get a message from my computer when a comment came back.

    The Fighting Fantasy series probably had the greatest solo adventure gamebook success (along with “Choose Your Own Adventure” and “Lone Wolf” doing well too). About 60 books were published over a 15-20 year period. The one book in the series which is often thrown around as being one of the greatest gamebooks ever written (arguably) was Creature of Havoc. I won’t spoil what the book was about, but the storyline was (for its time) quite out of left field. The difficulty of the book was quite staggering, too, for its time.

    With regards to my book, if you are interested in getting hold of it, the cheapest place that is selling it right now is in the attached link. If you are from overseas (i.e. not from Australia), you are still able to have it ordered from this site.


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