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Bang! Wild West Show – Character Abilities revealed!

Flint Westwood (4 HP)
During his turn, he may trade one card from hand with 2 cards at random from the hand of another player (if the target player has only 1 card, you get only 1 card)

Youl Grinner (4 HP)
Before drawing, players with more hand cards than him must give him one card of their choice.

Big Spencer (9 HP)
He starts with 5 cards. He can’t play Missed!

Teren Hill(3 HP)
Each time he would be eliminated, “draw!”: if it is not Spades, Teren stays at 1 life point, and draws 1 card. If the draw is unsuccessful, you can’t play a Beer to save you.

Lee Van Kliff (4 HP)
During his turn, he may discard a BANG! to repeat the effect of a brown-bordered card he just played. The brown card may be also another BANG! You may repeat each effect one time only.

John Pain (4 HP)
If he has less than 6 cards in hand, each time any player “draws!”, John adds the card just drawn to his hand. The card drawn this way may not be used immediately, you must wait until the previous effect ends. For example if it’s a Beer and you lose at the same time your last life point, you may not use it.

Gary Looter (5 HP)
He draws all excess cards discarded by other players at the end of their turn.

Greygory Deck(4 HP)
At the start of his turn, he may draw 2 characters at random. He has all the abilities of the drawn characters. The only valid are those from the basic game. At the beginning of your next turn, you decide whether to keep the characters or to change them. If you chose to change them, you must change both of them. This ability also applies at the beginning of the game.

Bang! The Game Character Pictures, Part 1

So, while I was scouring the internet for more information on Bang! The Wild West Show expansion, I ran into more information for Bang! The Game. I’m the crazy guy constantly updating the Bang! Wikipedia page about new information about the upcoming video game and new expansion pack.

I ran into some pictures of what the game play would look like and here’s the first set of character pictures: Calamity Jane, Willy the Kid, Vera Custer, and Jose Delgado.

Bang! Wild West Show Expansion

I just found out last night that there will be a new Bang! expansion coming out in a few months called Bang! Wild West Show.

No laws in the whole Wild West can stop them! They are strong, terrible, greedy, and they are mad!

New ruthless gunslingers run about the Wild West at breakneck speed, panicking the other gunmen. Their talent is madness, and so are the cards you’ll find in this crazy expansion! Your chances are hanging by a thread – can you measure up against unfair duels and unpredictable moves?

Bang: Wild West Show – An expansion for Da Vinci Bang,The Bullet … “a little double-faced expansion that contains eight VERY wild new characters, like one that draws cards from the other players hands instead of the deck, one with 9 life points who cannot use Missed! cards, [and] one that “draws” when it’s killed and stays alive if you do not draw Spades, ’cause you need a Spade to bury him….!, [plus] a set of cards that come in play when you play a Wells Fargo and change the rules of the game until they are discarded… [and] craaaaazy cards, like the Wild West Show that lets you play Missed! cards as BANG!s and vice versa, [and] one that lets you swap your position with another player at the table…”

Card Games: BANG! the Bullet

Oh, how I love the card game, BANG!  It’s just about one of the best games I have ever played.  No matter who we teach it to, they always end up wanting to play again.

In this game you are randomly given a role which determines what your goal of the game is.  There is a Sheriff, Outlaw, Deputy, and Renegade.  The number of players determines how many Outlaws, Deputies and Renegades you have.  The Sheriff’s role is to kill the Outlaw and the Renegade, the Outlaw’s role is to kill the Sheriff, the Deputy’s role is to keep the Sheriff alive and the Renegade is to be the last man alive.  When playing with my regular gaming friends, I find that the easiest role is usually the Sheriff and the most difficult role is the Renegade.  You may think that since the Sheriff is hard since they have the most enemies, but you must remember that the Outlaws usually do not want to give their identities away since the Sheriff has so many potential allies in the Deputy and Renegade.

Aside from your Role, you are assigned a special ability character.  These are characters that are named after famous Wild West characters, Willy the Kid or Bart Cassidy.  The special abilities can be great (Use any card as a Missed) or it can be weak (When a player dies draw 2 cards), but what sets them apart is the amount of lives you get.  Most of the strong characters will have less lives than the weak characters.  That definitely balances out the game.

While you play, you are able to draw cards to enhance your abilities or to perform an action.  The game consists of a distance concept.  Depending on how far you are sitting from someone determines how far away they are from you.  So, in a game of 8 players, the person furthest from you is 4 distance away.  In order to manipulate the distance you are from someone, you will need to close that distance by having a distance related character ability, using a gun or object that changes your distance, or kill the people next to you to bring you closer.  The actions that you can perform are attacking, defending, gaining life, forcing other players to discard cards, drawing extra cards and a bunch of other crazy things.  As you can tell, much of this game is the luck of the draw.  That doesn’t mean that this game doesn’t require skill.  Many times you will find that you need to fake people out, or get sympathy for having the weakest character.

Gameplay [rating:5.0] Replay Value [rating:4.5] Ease of Play [rating:4.5] [rating:overall] [amtap amazon:asin=B001037L8K]

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