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Lone Wolf – Choose Your Own Adventure Game Books

When I was growing up, my childhood best friend introduced me to a series of books called Lone Wolf. We were a couple of really geeky boys who loved to read, play video games, play MUD, play DnD, etc. It wouldn’t be long until we would find something as awesome as this Choose Your Own Adventure book. In Lone Wolf, you are the last of the warrior monks, known as the Kai Lords. Every few pages the reader would be able to make a choice and move you to another page, where there would be enemies, traps, random encounters, or more story.

While I was going through a board game price guide, I noticed a new game coming out called “Lone Wolf RPG: Heroes Of Magnamund”. Just seeing that name forced me to google it just to see if it was the same thing. And you know what? It was!

I started to read more about it on wikipedia which led me to find ProjectAon. ProjectAon started in the late 90s and seems to be keeping up the Lone Wolf culture. The game creator, Joe Dever, even gave them permission to publish the books publicly on the website. So if you get a chance check out this webpage: http://www.projectaon.org .