[Battle Report] Imperial Assault The Spice Run Review

A long, long time ago (on Wednesday), we continued our Hot Imperial Nights campaign with ‘The Spice Run.’  In this mission, the reward is to have Chewbacca as a permanent ally that the rebels can call into battle.

Chris Chiuey as Gaarkhan
Larry Hobiwan Kenobi as Fenn Signis
Lanakin Ikaiwalker as Mak Eshka’rey
Samdo Calrissian Lee as Gideon Argus

Emperor Palpa-King as the Imperials

In this mission, Chewbacca is deeply concerned with Han Solo’s debt with Jabba the Hutt.  He decides to organize a team to steal some Spice to relieve some of the heat on his friend.  Leading a group into a spice factory, Chewbacca hits the guard at the door smashes the door in and the mission begins.

End of Mission Triggers

1. All 6 Spice Barrels are recovered
2. Round 5 ends
3. All heroes are wounded and Chewbacca is defeated

I was pretty excited for this mission.  There was a little ‘hide the queen’ game and it gave me the opportunity to control a diverse group of figures.  The initial deployment consisted of an elite Nexu, elite Trandoshians, and a Probe Droid.  The mission allowed me to start the game with twice the amount of Threat level increase, 4 Threat at this point in the game.  I decided to deploy a second Nexu to annoy the heck out of these guys.

The first part of the mission, the heroes needed to find the yellow keycard.  When deploying the Trandoshians and the Probe Droid, I needed to place tokens under them with one of them holding the keycard.

The heroes made their way through all the Nexu figures, and eventually killed the 2 Trandoshians.  With the tokens on the floor, I decided to create a diversion with the Probe Droid by sending him as far away as possible.  It worked by splitting part of their group there to waste some turns.  Eventually, the heroes picked up the keycard which triggered an increase in Threat level.  After the heroes finished readying themselves to complete the rest of the I deployed some Stormtroopers.

The heroes opened the door, which revealed an additional E-Web Engineer (Stormtrooper on a turret).  I moved the Stormtroopers in to start boxing in the doorway.  This seemed to work at first, until they started taking advantage of Chewbacca’s Slam to move Troopers away.