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Card Games: Citadels

We’ve been playing a new card game called Citadels. We purchased Citadels for Aron’s birthday along with a couple other games and expansions, Ticket to Ride: USA 1910 and MWAHAHAHA.

[rating:3.0] The point of this game is to build a city that is worth more than your opponents city. To do this you need to take on various roles on every turn: Assassin, Thief, Magician, King, Bishop, Merchant, Architect, and Warlord. Each role has a special ability to gain an advantage in building the cities, raising Gold, or researching new Districts. In order to build the city, you need to collect Gold to purchase Districts.

[rating:3.5] The fact that you can switch roles every turn makes Citadel’s replayability very high, since the strategy will change every game.  The fact that you will be trying to fake everyone out every turn makes this game pretty fun.  Also, our set came with an expansion where you can switch new roles into the game.  I’m not sure what they are but I remember there was an Emperor and a Queen.

Game Mechanic
[rating:3.5] This game is all about faking people out, or guessing who will pick which role.  At the same time,  you have the luck of the draw when you are trying to “research” new districts to build.  The game itself doesn’t take very long, it’s the guessing and faking that makes it longer.

Ease of Play
[rating:4.5] It took us one manual read and a couple verification checks before we got used to the rules of the game.  I would say that this game is pretty easy to pick up.  The only complications are what the characters can do.

Overall Rating [rating:overall] [amtap amazon:asin=158994030X]