CentOS 5.5 Install Hangs At Enabling HT MSI Mapping

I’m installing CentOS 5.5 on an old Dell E521 in the hopes to use it for my new media server.  The first time I booted to the CD, I was presented with the normal Disc Boot Install options of running it graphical or text.  I chose graphical, and the system halts at a line that says: “Enabling HT MSI Mapping”.  I waited 5 minutes and there was no movement, so I restarted the system and was back at the Disc Boot Install screen.  From here, I decided to type in “linux noapic” and the install has gone through.  Just a little tip!



  1. Thanks man, just got a new shipment of machines in for our data center, and couldn’t seem to get them to boot to anything other than CentOS 6.4 (which our software doesn’t support), you just saved me from having to ship them all back and reorder new ones!

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