Tomorrowland Movie Review


Tomorrowland is a movie starring George Clooney and Britt Robertson and directed by Brad Bird.  Leading up to the release, I had no idea what to expect.  Was it a movie about the district at Disneyland with the same name or was it a movie about the hidden stories inside of Tomorrowland?  No. Well, sort of.


The world that Disney brings you into is amazing.  Robots that can repair anything, people flying around with jetpacks, and life-like animatronics, you almost wish you were there.  Almost.  It’s clean and wonderful.  But there’s too much control.

I found the movie pretty weak on the surface.  There was a lot of dialogue and hidden metaphor that made the movie seem dull.  It felt like the movie wasn’t really trying to have too many lows and too many highs.  The main villain didn’t really seem like he should have been the villain.

It wasn’t until Sam and I started to discuss the events of the movie that we started to really interpret the messaging and hidden symbols.  In the end, Tomorrowland is a call to action for a better tomorrow.  A high budget PSA on what is happening to the world today and what we can do to fix it.

One thing I love is a good movie soundtrack and this one does not disappoint.  Closing my eyes and listening to the music, I feel like I’m wandering around Disneyland and just enjoying the atmosphere.  Very well done Disney, exactly what I expected from you.

Overall, the movie barely hits the mark.  My recommendation if you are debating on whether to watch this in theaters is to wait until it comes out on BluRay, DVD or streaming.  Disney fans will love the innovative special effects, Eiffel tower scene, and music.