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Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Wired Magazine (Nov 2015)

Superfan JJ Abrams On Directing The Force Awakens

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You Won’t Live to See the Final Star Wars Movie

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailers


[UPDATE 12/13/15: Star Wars: The Force Awakens “5 Days” TV Spot posted]  That’s right!  There’s only 5 days until the new Star Wars movie comes out!

[UPDATE 12/11/15: Star Wars: The Force Awakens “Secret” TV Spot (Official)]

[UPDATE 12/6/15: Star Wars: The Force Awakens “Legacy” Featurette (Comic Con Experience, Brazil)]

I’m collecting all the Official Star Wars The Force Awakens Youtube Trailers in here.  I just noticed that there are a ton of Comic Book Resource TV Spots and I’ll put those in another post to keep these separated.


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Star Wars The Force Awakens Speculation from a Notebook Cover


The internet is funny.  How does someone figure out a very crucial tragic event from a screenshot on a notebook?  This photo has huge potential spoilers so if you are sensitive to such things, please move on.

Click here to see the image and read the rumor.

Making Star Wars reported these images from a notebook that some of their fans found at a store (probably Target.)



They further add speculation that Chewbacca and Rey seem a little too sad to be flying the Millenium Falcon.  There’s a possibility they are leaving a tragic event such as the death of a popular main character.  I can’t even find the words to say his name in that last sentence.  No.  That can’t be true… It’s Impossible!


[Battle Report] Imperial Assault The Spice Run Review

A long, long time ago (on Wednesday), we continued our Hot Imperial Nights campaign with ‘The Spice Run.’  In this mission, the reward is to have Chewbacca as a permanent ally that the rebels can call into battle.

Chris Chiuey as Gaarkhan
Larry Hobiwan Kenobi as Fenn Signis
Lanakin Ikaiwalker as Mak Eshka’rey
Samdo Calrissian Lee as Gideon Argus

Emperor Palpa-King as the Imperials

In this mission, Chewbacca is deeply concerned with Han Solo’s debt with Jabba the Hutt.  He decides to organize a team to steal some Spice to relieve some of the heat on his friend.  Leading a group into a spice factory, Chewbacca hits the guard at the door smashes the door in and the mission begins.

End of Mission Triggers

1. All 6 Spice Barrels are recovered
2. Round 5 ends
3. All heroes are wounded and Chewbacca is defeated

I was pretty excited for this mission.  There was a little ‘hide the queen’ game and it gave me the opportunity to control a diverse group of figures.  The initial deployment consisted of an elite Nexu, elite Trandoshians, and a Probe Droid.  The mission allowed me to start the game with twice the amount of Threat level increase, 4 Threat at this point in the game.  I decided to deploy a second Nexu to annoy the heck out of these guys.

The first part of the mission, the heroes needed to find the yellow keycard.  When deploying the Trandoshians and the Probe Droid, I needed to place tokens under them with one of them holding the keycard.

The heroes made their way through all the Nexu figures, and eventually killed the 2 Trandoshians.  With the tokens on the floor, I decided to create a diversion with the Probe Droid by sending him as far away as possible.  It worked by splitting part of their group there to waste some turns.  Eventually, the heroes picked up the keycard which triggered an increase in Threat level.  After the heroes finished readying themselves to complete the rest of the I deployed some Stormtroopers.

The heroes opened the door, which revealed an additional E-Web Engineer (Stormtrooper on a turret).  I moved the Stormtroopers in to start boxing in the doorway.  This seemed to work at first, until they started taking advantage of Chewbacca’s Slam to move Troopers away.


[Battle Report] Imperial Assault Aftermath Mission Review


Chris “Chiu-y” Chiu, Larry “Last Ho-pe” Ho, Ikai Lan “Solo”, “The Commanda” Samantha Lee and I started the Imperial Assault campaign.  Here’s a battle report and quick review.

Chris as Gaarkhan
Larry as Fenn Signis
Ikai as Mak Eshka’rey
Samantha as Gideon Argus

Kingston as the Imperials

The campaign starts with some flavor text setting the theme of the campaign.  It’s after the events of Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope.  The Rebels have just destroyed the Death Star and the Imperials seek revenge against them.  An Imperial beacon begins a broadcast on an Imperial outpost near the Rebel base on Yavin 4.  An elite Rebel team is dispatched to silence the signal.

The first mission starts with guns blazing.  The Rebels deploy directly in front of a group of Stormtroopers, an Imperial officer and a probe droid.  Their mission is to break in to the Imperial outpost and destroy all of the broadcast terminals.

Click here to see the events during the mission.
End of Mission Triggers:
1. All 4 Terminals are Destroyed (1 Exterior, 3 Interior)
2. All Heroes are Wounded
3. Round 6 is completed

The start of the mission consisted of the players orienting themselves and trying to kill the Imperial trooper threat. I was a little worried that they would be too focused on killing the troopers and not focused on completing the mission so I kept trying to emphasize destroying the terminals. I did not need to do that.

In the first three rounds, I was successful in wounding Gideon and creating blockades with the troopers (it takes an additional movement to move past a hostile figure).  My big hitter at that moment was the Probe Droid.  The Stormtroopers act more like cannon fodder to waste Rebel activations on.  The Imperial Officer is actually the star in a lot of my moves since he gives the Probe Droid additional attacks.

The Rebels at round three had opened the Imperial outpost door revealing more Stormtroopers, another Imperial Officer and an E-Web Engineer (turret guy).  At this point, I was trying to stuff the entrance of the outpost with Troopers.  Unfortunately, the rebels split up, moved passed me and headed towards the terminals on the inside.  They left two guys outside to destroy the exterior terminal and scrounge through our supply crates of Shock Grenades.

At this point the outpost was being overrun, the Imperials increased the shielding on the terminals making them harder to destroy.  I sent all of my people to begin wounding the Rebels.  By round 6, Gaarkhan and Mak were able to destroy two more terminals.  At this point, I was able to wound Mak and Fenn.  Leaving the Wookie to receive one final blow for an Imperial victory.  Unfortunately, Commanda Gideon was able to give Fenn orders to destroy the last terminal.

The Rebels were successful in stopping all broadcasts from the Imperial outpost causing the Imperial forces to fall into a hasty retreat.

Click here to see the rewards.

Next Story Mission: “A New Threat”
Side Mission Options:

Heroes: +200 Credits, 1 XP
Fenn Signis: +50 Credits (for the crate)
Imperials: 1 Influence, 1 XP

This first mission was great.  The players started and ended knowing that they needed to work together to complete the mission.  I am not a good Game Master so having the flavor texts and triggers spelled out for me was very useful.  The game felt balanced, I was 1 turn away from winning for the Imperials.