Friends – Season 1

Whenever I help move some furniture, someone will always say, “Pivot! Pivot! Pi-VOT!” and then ask if I know the reference. That is one of a handful of Friends episodes that I have watched. The situation seems to always continue with a stand-off of “do you know this Friends reference” moments. Sorry folks, I didn’t watch every episode. But I will now!

The show is about 6 mid-20 aged friends in New York dealing with the randomness that happens in life. There are a lot of unrealistic things to point out about the show but it’s fiction so who cares!

There characters are Ross, Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe. The characters seem to work really well off of each other since they are portrayed as an extremely close group of friends that doesn’t mind making fun of each other.

Ross is the moody intellectual that seems to always get himself into some ridiculous situations. In the beginning of the show, he’s getting divorced from his pregnant lesbian wife, Carol. Yes, folks… pregnant lesbian wife. He also has a high school crush on Rachel which plays out throughout the season. Everyday he hangs out at the apartment of his younger sister, Monica. He also adopted a monkey named Marcel(sp?) the butt of a lot of their jokes and antics.

Rachel starts off as the privileged girl who just left the groom at the alter. You feel bad for her because she never really learned real world skills to survive. She lucks out by running into her high school classmate Monica at a coffee shop after leaving the chapel. Her skill in making people feel sorry for her is 10/10.

Monica is an aspiring chef that has a ginormous apartment that all of her friends hang out in. She seems like the motherly one in the bunch and cares a lot about cleanliness. When Rachel abandoned her wedding and ran into the gang, Monica took her in.

Joey and Chandler are just laugh track manufacturers. They say things just to make a laugh without really progressing their story lines. Joey is the young aspiring actor with a big heart but a small brain. Chandler is the sarcastic goofball. It’s almost like he has lived a life of pain and is trying to hide it by making everything in the world a joke. These two play off each other very well.

Phoebe is the wild card character. She’s super random in what she does or says and is funny because she makes the scenes awkward.