Friends – Season 2

The producers of Friends season 1 took my feedback when making season 2 because a lot of the problems I had were pretty much addressed.

The season picks up where Season 1 left off. Rachel is about to tell Ross that she is thirsty, but Ross brings back his new Asian girlfriend foiling her plans.

The main characters that seemed like side characters had some major growth this season. You really see Joey’s career moves as he goes from making ends meet to a big role on a soap opera and back to struggling actor. He’s still dumb but just slightly less so.

Chandler’s growth this season mostly surrounding his emotions. He deals with realizing that he might die alone and trying really hard to trick women into sleeping with him. He also has to deal with a creepy roommate which he’s lucky to have survived from.

Phoebe’s storyline grew by leaps and bounds this season. She has a lot of men in her life, a not-gay-gay-Canadian-husband, a sailor that she gets with in Monica’s apartment and a new half-brother. Still not a lot but way more than season 1!

Monica’s storyline follows her career and romantic life. She loses her job after making an ethics mistake and struggles to find a new job. She also falls in love with one of her parent’s friends/friend’s parent. She deals with a few life decisions that come with that.

Ross is still boring funny. He brings a new girlfriend, breaks up with that girl, gets with Rachel, breaks up, makes up, etc. He’s still earning a good income. He confronts 2 bullies with Chandler and he ends up seeing eye-to-eye with them. Blah.

Rachel is still pretty much the same. She wrecks a home. Makes the situation about herself. Everyone does things for her. Her best episode was when she tried to stand up for herself at Barry’s wedding.

Some highlights, Monica and Rachel’s prom video and Chandler gets stuck in a bathroom wearing women’s panties,