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  1. jason March 17, 2011 at 9:02 am You talking about ills in Jamaica when Trinidad crime rate is snyiocketrkg, over carnival weekend 12 people got killed and people stealing people cell phones lol. Trinidad is like a little America?.. lol , you got me rolling on the floor lol. It shows your small mindedness. Jamaica do not want to be a Little America, we want to be Jamaica. we have mind of our own. No wonder when i went to Trinidad all your radio stations were playing Jamaican music and your kids walk around trying to talk like us and they were watching Jamaica sports channel Sportsmax cause they don’t have one for them self. You are so influence by us. what do Trinidad have to be consider a little America?, you think building a few building in POS makes you American?, or , you going by the stupid Indian girl that wrote that crop in Forbs website?, even Trinis were laughing. Dude, Jamaica is a tourist Mecca we have ever thing for overseas needs, Trinidad does not have a tourism infrastructure. as for the plane you own. Jamaica has two other domestic airlines that will be going international soon. We still own 16% of Caribbean airlines and we still have our routs. your products are on your shelf’s not because of its quality, but they are cheap, Jamaican products are more expensive and better quality, these you will find in England, Canada, America, Japan etc. hurricane and natural disaster can happen to anyone, you should be lucky you don’t get a hurricane yet, cause has a little rain falls in POS it floods lol. Kamla is a coolly fool, she has to apologize, and she better know her place because most of the Caribbean is African states.

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